23-25 APRIL 2017

Simon Dalby is the Acting Chair of the Master in International Public Policy program, a CIGI Chair in the Political Economy of Climate Change, and Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. His published research deals with climate change, political ecology, geopolitics, global security, environmental change…

Simon Dalby

Associate Professor Political and Cultural Geography
AISSR Programme group Geographies of Globalizations (GoG), University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands
Research project Geographies of Urban Multilingualism, with Nesrin El Ayadi. This is part of MIME – Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe…

Virginie Mamadouh

Received his Ph.D. in Geography from the Pennsylvania State University in 1973. His research interests are in the geographic analysis of conflict including the relationship between climate/environmental change and conflict as well as in the political geography of the post-Soviet Union, including Russian and Ukrainian geopolitics,

John O’Loughlin

Michael Joseph Shapiro (born February 16, 1940)[1] is an American educator, theorist, and writer. He is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.[2] His work is often described as “postdisciplinary,” drawing from such diverse fields as political philosophy, critical theory,

Michael Shapiro

Political geography and geopolitics, electoral  geography, social geography, urban geography, world cities and large metropolitan areas, borders typology and communication, sociology methods in geography, geopolitical concepts, connection between social dynamics and international relations, unrecognized states.

Vladimir Kolosov

Dr Gerard Toal (Gearóid Ó Tuathail) writes about US foreign policy, geopolitics, and conflict regions. A Professor of Government and International Affairs at Virginia Tech’s campus in the Washington DC metro area (National Capital Region) located in Old Town Alexandria, he has a Ph D in Political Geography from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

Gearóid Ó Tuathail

Marcelo Lopes de Souza is a professor at the Department of Geography of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro. He founded and coordinates a research group whose main focus is the relationships between social relations and space …

Marcelo Lopes de Souza

I study the political geographies and geopolitics of post-Cold War inter-state relations. I am currently exploring this through research in two main areas:The first is the building of nation-states in modern Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, with particular attention paid to border regions, boundary disputes and geopolitics. I am presently studying ideas of nationhood, …

Nick Megoran

is a British-Israeli scholar in political geography and geopolitics. He serves as professor at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Department of Politics and Government and editor of the academic journal Geopolitics.[1] In March 2010, Newman was elected Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences for the period 2010–2013 …

David Newman

Tourism and development; regional development; sustainability management; sustainability and responsibility in tourism; tourism, climate change and adaptation; development studies; community studies; wilderness research

Jarkko Saarinen


Geographical Institute Of Research

San Andrés University

La Paz - Bolivia